Warum care+more Why care+more

Why care+more?


care+more is only for those registered nurses and professionals in the healthcare industry

who want more than just an ordinary job,

for individuals who want to change something in their profession,

looking for real alternatives in their job,

wont to live free of debt,

live a rich and fullfilled life with their family


As a nurse I was searching for a long period of time and tried many things living the job of my imaginations. My professional experiences of 40 years are accordingly



and unique.

Failure and success, disappointment and joy, falling and standig up are the spices for a unique recipe of experiences.

After several professional defeats I found myself at the lowest point in my life.

My family and friends supported me to get back on track. This great support, this experience and the knowledge gained from it have thoroughly sharpened my point of view for the professionals in the healthcare business and changed my mind radicaly.

Reason enough for me to start care+more, to help you and all the others out there find a much better job and live a better life.


This is the fast lane!




Get out of problems- step in success!

Your way!

for more appreciation and recognition

to performance related income and financial securit

into a successfull and great life


Imagine what your family and friends will say

  • when you finally have a high income without debt!
  • when you live your personal success and the opportunity to enjoy it in a financially secured retirement!




care + more – how to change your life finally and achieve what you really want

 + receive the recognition and the respect you deserve

 + gett better and better

 + living out of debt

 + be more successful

 + achieve a higher income

 + live a happier life

 + build financial securities to be able to full fill your wishes even when you are retired


Get the success you deserve!

go for Coaching, now!

I’m happy to hear from you

Tobias Brütsch



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