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About me

You can reach what you’re dreaming about! An income that you deserve! A life that you imagine!


Nurse (1981)

My name is Tobias Brütsch, and at the age of fifteen I was working in the hospital for the first time. In 1981 I took my exam as a nurse. But I can tell you, during my education as a nurse, I decided not to reach my “retirement” the usual way!
“How?” I had no clue then and I had to figure out. After the exam I first worked on an medical ward and was soon dissatisfied. I then decided to go to the Army.


Army (1983)

I needed a challenge. So parachuters were the choice. Thank God, I did not know what was up coming. Sometimes its better that way!
You grow with your responsibilities, definitely! And this growing can be so hard, beleave me.

The summer was hot – what we have sweated – Skydiving is a hard-hitting training. I was trained in courage, discipline and perseverance and the ability to have me appropriated to overcome my fear. Foundations for my further life to overcome situtationen where I was less successful and down.

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Family (1984)

After the Army I went back to work in an ophtalmology surgery room. After a year I could not stand it any longer! Dialysis was my next challenge. Interesting task and pleasant work. The opportunity to start my family and show myself that I can endure.

But this wasn’t enough. I was back in search of what could lead me forward.


Foreign Country (1987)

Canada – What a different world! Merciless nature, undreamed-of freedom and great opportunities. This greatly inspired me. The first time in my life I saw my job with different eyes, with all the opportunities and possibilities that it offered.

Back home a new task, working at the Medical Center in a research facility. Multidisciplinary task diversity – occupational medicine, decontamination medicine and rescue services. Nevertheless, everything was just boring. I had time to think, I began to develop ideas – but the time was not yet ripe.


Healthcare Company (1988)

There was this idea! Self-employed in outpatient care – being my own boss.

I was looking for books, training opportunities or education opportunities. Unfortunately, I ran into emptiness. It was hard to believe that there was nothing at these early days.

The consequences?

Still, start! The first private held nursing service in my hometown. Make – try – learn. Part-time. If you have a family, you need a minimum of security. It worked right from the beginning! Done! Finally free, finally independent!


Occupational Politics (1991)

I wanted to shape the profession, the conditions and the income. I joined in a nursing service association and represented occupational politics in the state capitals and in Berlin. 1995 The introduction of the German long-term care insurance. Negotiating compensation for healthcare and long-term care funds. I’ve learned a lot about negotiating, enforcing, strategies and success at an intense time.


Health Economy (1999)

As a selfemployed person in healthcare business  I wanted to be even better. As one of the first in Germany, I studied Health Economics and finisched with an MBA. Of course beside the job. Nursing service at daytime, learning and writing at night.


Entrepreneur (2001)

I started businesses and build home care service, residential care, non-clinical intensive care.
Going wrong and fail also belongs to it. This is how I developed and grew. Falling and standign up has made me strong and rich in experiences and insights. I’ve learned a lot about my mistakes and wrong decisions, and about the consequences.



You won’t find this knowledge, these unique experiences I have made over three decades in any book! Just here and I gonna share this with you that your future will be the one you desire!


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